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About Us


The idea for Gabe the Babe & Co. originally started in 2014 when our son, Gabe, was born and had a birth diagnosis of Down syndrome. Kristie started a blog as personal outlet to work through her feelings and educate others as we learned more about Down syndrome.  We realized just how little people outside of the community know about DS - ourselves included up until Gabe - we got a crash course after his birth!  We want to share our journey and lives so we can break down stereotypes and hopefully encourage Mom's with a prenatal diagnosis.

Since her original blog, she has used other sources of social media to connect and communicate with others. We recently launched this website to sell shirts (and eventually other gear, too!) and will use part of the proceeds will go towards welcome baskets to send to those lucky families who have a new babe who rocks a little something extra!

Follow along as we navigate the triumphs, trials, and travels of this unexpected but beautifully rewarding journey of having a child blessed with Down syndrome! We want to show the world that a Down syndrome diagnosis is not the end of the world by any means, it’s just the beginning of an even better one!

“Gabe the Babe’s company,” aka Mom and Dad (Kristie and Alex and sisters Lottie and Maggie) were devastated and shocked to learn the high rate of terminations following a prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. We are now on a mission to show just how awesome that extra chromosome is and to educate others on Down syndrome. We believe that if we can help even one woman to carry on and give life to her sweet baby, then we will have been successful.

If you or anyone you know has received a prenatal diagnosis, or recently had a birth diagnosis of Down syndrome, or heck, you just want to know more about Gabe and Down syndrome in general, please do not be afraid to contact us!

We love you Gabe! Thank you for changing our lives for the better. We are so proud and thankful to have you in our family!