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I want to thank everyone for the wonderful trip that Gabe, Kristie, and I had over a month ago (wow time flies!), it truly was an amazing experience and I feel so honored have been associated with such a wonderful event. Kristie attended the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Mom’s event last year, and had such a wonderful time that we thought we should make a trip of it for (part!) of the family. I want to thank Kristie's sister Katie for coming out to stay with the girls, without her help we would have not been able to make the trip. Kristie and I were thrilled by the response we got for our shirts and I want to thank our friends from Georgia who helped hang out with Gabe - it was so nice to see them and I hope they got a chance to catch up with Kristie.  I also want to thank everyone who helped us at the event, setting up the tables and helping fold clothes, watching Gabe, and those wonderful individuals who provided precious words of encouragement. It was the first event that Kristie and I brought Gabe the Babe and Co. to and it was a great success because of all of the wonderful individuals involved. It was exciting to meet everyone and I want to thank them all for their support and I hope they enjoy their shirts as much as Kristie and I enjoyed making them. We view our design as symbols, catalysts, and conversation starters for each of you to talk with others about Down syndrome and how it has impacted your life. Down syndrome has impacted our lives and the lives of our families in so many ways, we want you to share your experiences with others.  Gabe loves life with such a vigor and pure joy that it is inspiring to me every moment I am around him.

Our shirts are specifically designed to be comfortable and promote something we all care about very much. I want you to be excited about every time you put on a shirt from Gabe the Babe and Co. and to use them as a tool to share with the world the wonder, joy, and new perspective on life you have. After the trip and the positive response we received for Gabe the Babe and Co., Kristie and I are one step closer to sending out Welcome Baskets, I think we have enough stuff ready to send out our first five or so and we are looking for families who recently received the life changing news of their little wonder and joy of their beautiful baby. I want to thank the awesome individuals who donated items and took their time to help make Gabe the Babe and Co the success it is . We want to get Welcome Baskets to new families and we would greatly appreciate if you know a family who would benefit from one to contact us on Facebook (here) and we will make one and send it to them. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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